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Bobette Gorden

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Support Jackie Adams

You may not be aware that our own Jackie Adams, the glue that held the Arizona Democratic Party together for years, has been fighting a tough battle with cancer. After a long road filled with treatments, setbacks, and more treatments, the news is not what we might have hoped.  She has decided to end her treatment and is currently in Hospice Care. 

As you might imagine, Jackie has accrued significant medical bills that must be paid. This is the time to rally around family, and Jackie has been family to many of us for a very long time. We can help to take this burden off her shoulders, but we need your help. 

All of the districts of the Arizona Democratic Party have benefitted from Jackie’s generous heart and unfailing work ethic. Together, we can erase this debt and ease her mind. D26 has always led the way in helping members of our family in need, and we’re asking you to do it again. 

Please give what you can for someone who has given so much for us.

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Join Club 26

What is Club 26?

Club 26 is a monthly membership program that enables Democrats to take direct ownership in the politics that affect our community in a way that has never been tried at the Legislative District level.

Too often in politics, we tend to work toward one political horizon after another. We mobilize when election season comes, and then return to our "normal" lives as soon once votes are cast.

D26 Democrats believe there is a better way. We aim to ensure our legislative district remains solid blue for the next decade.

Club 26 Benefits: Members

  • Discounts on products and services at local blue businesses
  • Free entry to all district events (Chair, and Legislator levels only)
  • Chances to win free tickets to special Democratic events

Club 26 Benefits: Businesses

  • A loyal customer base, grateful for any discount you see fit to give them! 

How to Join Club 26

  • Donate money, $26 a month, or even 26 quarters (6.50) per month
  • Donate for an entire year in advance and pay only $260.
  • Donate your time knocking doors, working in our office, or as part of our Rapid Response Team!

Help D26 change the way grassroots Democratic organizations run and help us turn AZ Blue!

Chair: Purchase for $26.00 every month
Vice Chair: Purchase for $6.50 every month
Legislator: Purchase for $260.00 every year