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It’s time for us all to decide who we are and for what we stand. Our community's DACA recipients need support for the $500 fee for a renewal that must be submitted by October 5th.  The D26 Dems are stepping up to the challenge: join us.


Earlier this week, the Department of Justice and the White House announced an upcoming end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). For the past five years, this program has offered an opportunity for young people who were brought to the United States as children to register for a two year period of deferred action against deportation and a work permit. Including high school students, university students, and young adults living in our community, estimates are that there are several hundred DACA participants living here in District 26 alone, and more than 28,000 statewide.


As a part of this week’s announcement, those who currently hold a DACA registration that expires within the next six months are eligible for early renewal, allowing them another two years in the program, but IF AND ONLY IF they submit a renewal application by October 5th of this year. Many of these young people are unprepared for the accelerated pace of renewal and the required $500 filing fee.  Local organizations are streamlining the process for submitting these renewal applications in less than four short weeks, but they do not have the financial resources to cover application fees for those who can’t. 


The D26 Dems have always cared for our own when they fall on hard times, and we need to make it clear that these kids are most certainly OUR OWN. This district has always put community and our shared values first, and we believe that this is a defining moment, both for us as a district and for our country. If we can’t claim and protect these young people when they need us most, then who are we really?


We intend to raise funds to sponsor as many eligible local applicants with demonstrated financial need as we possibly can and this is where you can help.  Local businesses are pledging matching dollars, doubling every dollar you contribute. Please, give what you can, but don’t stop there. Share the link with your personal networks and then ask them to do the same.  The clock is running out for our kids, and we need to make it clear that these attacks on our friends and neighbors will not be tolerated.


Every DACA recipient up for renewal now has undergone a strict background check and has maintained a spotless record. They are some of our best students, business owners, or homeowners. Please help us show them that they are valued by the community they choose to call home. 

How Is the money going to be distributed?

A coalition of organizations who have been on the frontlines of immigration advocacy and DACA outreach are working together to streamline this massive effort.  Coalition members include Aliento, CAIR-AZ, Center for Neighborhood Leadership, Mi Familia Vota, Trans Queer Pueblo, Puente, LUCHA, and Undocumented Students for Education Equity.

They are contacting the thousands of DACA participants they have registered in the last five years and vetting them for eligibility and legitimate financial need. Any of these organizations can process DACA contributions to be shared with the coalition. D26 will be sending our donations through the Center for Neighborhood Leadership due to our faith in and long-standing relationship with their leadership.

Who can I contact with questions about the program?

Kristin Gwinn, Treasurer

(480) 577-2172

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