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Doug Arnold

donated 2015-11-09 23:24:37 -0700

Support Jackie Adams

You may not be aware that our own Jackie Adams, the glue that held the Arizona Democratic Party together for years, has been fighting a tough battle with cancer. After a long road filled with treatments, setbacks, and more treatments, the news is not what we might have hoped.  She has decided to end her treatment and is currently in Hospice Care. 

As you might imagine, Jackie has accrued significant medical bills that must be paid. This is the time to rally around family, and Jackie has been family to many of us for a very long time. We can help to take this burden off her shoulders, but we need your help. 

All of the districts of the Arizona Democratic Party have benefitted from Jackie’s generous heart and unfailing work ethic. Together, we can erase this debt and ease her mind. D26 has always led the way in helping members of our family in need, and we’re asking you to do it again. 

Please give what you can for someone who has given so much for us.

donated 2014-01-29 15:41:01 -0700

Stand with Randall

Randall Holmes, a progressive leader and friend of Democrats everywhere, needs our help.

As you probably know, last week Randall suffered a stroke and a subsequent car accident. He remains in critical condition as of this writing. Randall has worked tirelessly protecting Arizona’s election integrity, protecting and advancing our progressive values, calling out the true motivations behind Republican policy positions as a Billionaire for Wealthcare, and famously bringing us together as a party by inspiring impromptu Kumbaya sing-a-long during a contentious party election. Today, our friend Randall needs us to come together as a party once again.

Will you please make a donation of $26 or more to help cover Randall's significant medical expenses? As always, any amount is appreciated.

A generous D26 Democrat has pledged to match the first $200 in donations. Please join us in being there for Randall just as he has been there for us.

Note: 100% of donations will go towards covering Randall’s medical expenses.

donated 2014-04-13 14:50:48 -0700